Today The Chester Grosvenor announced the reopening of the La Brasserie restaurant in Chester. The luxury hotel commissioned Nick, who is Chester-based to create stylish new tableware to mark the event.

The 200,000 cups of tea and coffee served in La Brasserie every year will now be served in sleek stainless steel designer tea and coffee pots, milk jugs and sugar bowls from Nick’s Sphere and Domus collections.

Mr Grieve said: “Nick’s designs are elegant and timeless and that’s why they fit so beautifully with The Chester Grosvenor.

“The new tea and coffee pots look brilliant in the restaurant and we’ve already had diners asking about the beautiful new teapots that their favourite tea is served in.

“It’s great to be able to champion great British design like this and the added benefit is that Nick is a Chester-based business so we’re supporting another local business.

“The Chester Grosvenor is a proud Chester business and so is Nick Munro so the collaboration is a natural one.”


Nick’s products are sold worldwide and his customers include the Gleneagles hotel, P&O Cruises, John Lewis across the UK and Bloomingdales New York.

Nick said: “Chester has been very good to me and I am very proud to have opened my first shop here with customers and tourists dropping in from all over the world.

“I often visit The Chester Grosvenor for coffee and I am thrilled to see my teapots and coffee pots being so elegantly deployed in the new La Brasserie – you will probably find me in there even more often in future!”