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Spode & Nick Munro

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History of Collaboration

I knew the Spode factory in Stoke on Trent from the many times I had passed it en route to Wedgwood. The unique S P O D E lettering rose up above the city on the side of the very beautiful square section chimney that sat atop the venerable factory, It was a beacon to me and I always wanted to work with the company so I decided to call them when I was working on my Art Deco project for the V&A to see if they would like to collaborate with me? Happily they said yes and we started the development of what became my Art Deco collection of bone china – not many people know but it was Josiah Spode rather than Josiah Wedgwood who first started to produce bone china in England. The two Josiahs were great rivals and vied with each other to lead the industry, both men leaving a legacy which has survived 200 years of turbulent commercial, political, artistic and cultural history. Not a bad legacy you could say…!