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Quooker & Nick Munro

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History of Collaboration

During the summer of 2013, Nick saw an opportunity to completely change the way that products were displayed in previous design shows. No longer would teapots, coffee pots and barware lie idle on a shelf whilst visitors quickly moved through the venue like some kind of human conveyor belt. The birth of the “Tea Bar” would revolutionise the way we think about design show stands; the key to the change would be the interaction between the visitors and the products on show.

Nick believed that by creating a coffee/tea bar scenario within the stand, would allow the visitors to see the products in action and even use them as if they were in their own home. This would also create the opportunity for Nick to converse with the visitors, as these “chats over a cuppa” are a vital part of a design show.

To get this project up and running; a concept was created, and an ambitious deadline was set. The London Design Week in September was the perfect opportunity to unveil the “Tea Bar”.

At the heart of the concept was the ability to display Nick’s products as part of the counter, and the ability to instantly serve boiling water which would allow Nick to show off the function of his products as well as the form. In true Nick Munro fashion, a beautiful pewter “Steam Chamber” would be the source of the boiling water, complete with an oversized temperature gauge and a tap outlet.

The need for a portable counter which could produce boiling water instantly created a fantastic opportunity to partner with a giant in the boiling water industry. Quooker, originating from Holland, are the experts in delivering true boiling water (exactly 100 ◦c) thanks to a patented vacuum boiler and a set of pressurised pipes and taps. These boiling water taps would be perfect as they are compact and highly efficient at delivery boiling water upon request.

With the “Tea Bar” design finalised, the counter could be manufactured and the finishing details applied.

The introduction of the “Design Geezers” at London’s Design Week was an overwhelming success, the visitors swarmed to see the Steam chamber in action whilst they chatted over a cuppa which really helped to create a vibrant atmosphere around the stand.

The collaboration went international when Nick teamed up with Quooker Germany for the Ambiante Design Show in Frankfurt during February.  Make sure you stop for a cuppa the next time the Design Geezers are in town …