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Bugatti & Nick Munro

Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

History of Collaboration

Whilst developing my early pewter designs in Sheffield I had become interested in the cutlery industry and the long and noble traditions of Sheffield cutlers. So I assumed I might be able to get my new cutlery designs made in that fair city. Times were tough for the industry however and I couldn’t get a backer to fund what I had in mind. Then, one day at the Frankfurt Trade Fair I was approached by a rather elegant chap who looked carefully at my designs and asked me if I had ever thought of designing cutlery? Why yes I told him and explained my dilemma. He turned to me and said “I am Clemente Bugatti. I have the finest cutlery factory in Italy. It is at your disposal!”…and   a few weeks later I was on a plane to Milan at the start of my wonderful collaboration with Bugatti…