sept-2011Q: We’re planning to have a wall-length built-in storage unit fitted in our bedroom. It’ll be the only storage we have in the room after we sell our old wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table. Built-in storage has a bit of a fusty image, so in addition to the standard storage requirements, can you think of any unusual requests we can make that might add wow factor to the room? Our white-painted bed and bedside cabinets and an upholstered armchair will be the only other furniture in the room – what kind of finish would you recommend for the unit?

A: OK, going for the clean and simple look eh? Nice one and a good way to maximise the feeling of space and calm in your bedroom.
You are right though, built in storage can be a bit dull and its image these days is maybe not so chic. However, suppose you see it as a huge canvas, you could do something really creative and winning with it? If it were me, I would look carefully at the colours in your room (and outside i.e. the view from the window) and find a reference point that you really love and that will tie all the elements in together – carpet, curtains, duvet, chair and view. Then I would think of the sorage unit like a Dulux shade card and paint each door in a different shade of the same colour to create an ombre effect which leads your eye into the room and towards the focal point (probably the window). That way you will create your own artwork, co-ordinate the remaining items in the room and…deliver the ‘wow’ factor!